Law As A Career : The Lawyer 's Role Quality And Education Requirements

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Law as a Career: The lawyer 's role Quality and Education Requirements Today, more than ever before, the legal profession offers a unique opportunities to dedicated individual to make a significant contribution to the society. This post is aimed at help you evaluate law as a career. It should give you a clear understanding of what to expect in your educational path to a law degree and the very significant financial expenses associated with obtaining a law degree. Working as a lawyer in society makes you a professional and an officer of the court, charged with the duty of working within the frame work of the law, which is based upon federal and state constitutions, written legislations and judicial decisions issued by competent courts. Take…show more content…
The qualities most desirable to be a good lawyer are dedication, motivation and the willingness to work for long hours. Other essential qualities are centered on self-discipline, ability to communicate effectively, good and thorough acquaintance of the English language and the ability to write clearly and concisely. Temperament is also vital because frequently it is necessary to work under pressure due to tight deadlines, having the patience to spend several hours researching on a single point of law and to carefully analyze facts and organize them to create a persuasive argument. Patience and understanding in listening to adversaries as well as to clients and witnesses is just as important. It’s a myth that all lawyers spend time in a courtroom. Some lawyers focus on writing letters and memorandums, others research legal issues and drafting contracts, deeds, wills, corporate by-laws and legislations; and others counsel, mediate, negotiate, etc. If you would be interested in a career as a trial lawyer, you need the ability to think swiftly on your feet, speak extemporaneously and with authority in public, to be detail-oriented and to understand courtroom strategies. A law career may provide you an opportunity to earn substantial income and can lead to an influential position and authority. Often a lawyer 's greatest satisfaction comes through the genuine desire to help people in trouble, giving them assurance that their legal rights will be protected. Required type
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