Essay about Law Case Assignment

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Jim Jones and Bob Black * Jim Jones checked Bob Black during a hockey game * Bob Black slashed Jim Jones on the back of the neck with the hockey stick opening a gash * Jim Jones threatened Bob Black during the hockey game * Jim Jones asked Bob Black to step outside and fight him when he later ran into him * Jim Jones sustained severe neck damage from Bob Black * Jim Jones had turned down a $50 000 hockey contract to finish school, but was planning on turning pro next year * Bob Black is a karate student * Jim Jones will never play a contact sport again * Tort of Assault * Bob Black brings against Jim Jones * Jim Jones shouted his threat at Bob Black at the hockey game in front of…show more content…
Tim said if he bought it Sean wouldn't have to worry about replacing the oil. * Tim had called to joke around with Sean about buying the Cadillac * Jim offered to buy the Cadillac for $7, 500 * Sean told him that as long as he gave him the money before someone else bought it then it's his * Jim gave Sean $200 in cash and a post dated cheque for $7, 300 * Sean received a letter from Tim saying he wanted to buy the car for $7, 500, but it was mailed after Sean had received partial payment from Jim and agreed to sell him the car * Tim arrived on Sean's doorstep with $7, 500 cash before the postdated cheque from Jim could be cashed and Sean decided to take his cash and give him the car * Jim got out of the hospital and went to get the Cadillac and was pissed to find out Sean had sold it to Tim. Sean offered to give him his money back, but Jim wanted the Cadillac.
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