Law Case on King Magnum and Bank

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In the case of King Magnum, s/he has been accused for possession of firearm and for a robbery beyond $5,000. The Bank of Commerce had been robbed and King Magnum was accused for this robbery since his photograph had resembled the individual who came into the Bank. This crime took place in the Yourtown bank on October 1st 2002, however Magnum was arrested on October 31st after all the police officer in charge if this case, Gumshore thoroughly examined all the details.
Individuals involved in this case include: Kim Magnum who’s 30 years of age, has a high school education and has been accused for a robbery exceeding the limit of $5,000. He has a criminal history of robbing stores at gun point but states that he has changed for the better. Magnum has a fiancée, Leslie Creemore. S/he is also the age of 30, has a school education and no criminal record. She also states that “she will do anything for Magnum.” Furthermore, Jay Cashman is a teller at the Yourtown Bank of Commerce, s/he is the witness in this case and was allegedly held at gunpoint by the robber, and had to testify against the robber who stole the money. Cashman has finished high school, has been a teller for the last 5 years and is known as a valued employee with no criminal record. Lastly, a constable working at the Yourtown Police Service named Marlowe Gumshore is also marginally involved in this case. This is because he had conducted a search against the robber. He went to police college in Aylmer
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