Law Degree Entry Essay

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Growing up in a family with roles in the police force means conversations have often involved the law and legal situations. These conversations are responsible for shaping my interest into the subject of law; stories of how my family have helped or saved others have inspired me to do the same through my own legal pathway. A law degree will enable me to reach my goal to represent or direct others on points of law should I become a solicitor or barrister. A seminar I attended involved a local Judge explaining their career and how it developed, providing me with practical knowledge into the legal systems. With new challenges arising in an ever changing world, now more than ever is it a key time to become educated in legal practices. With new leaders, government officials and relations evolving it is a challenging time within the law. Uncertainty surrounding the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union has left society, who may or may not have legal knowledge of the law, sceptical to changes. The law is such a vital part of society, a degree in the subject will allow me to provide insight and knowledge for those in need of clarity into the operations of our country.
Whilst studying at Lincoln College, A- Levels have developed my analytical and critical thinking skills through course content
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My dedication to subjects and work has led to previous success; this is maintained by my own high standards. To improve my confidence and communication skills I have featured in a variety of dancing, singing and drama performances. In a drama of Bugsy Malone I was cast the lead; by taking on this challenging role I performed to an audience of all ages, managing to remain calm and in character. This situation could be compared to a barrister in a court, it is important to dedicate to a role whilst staying firm and confident in your words to get the desired
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