Law Enforcement : A Police Officer

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Law Enforcement Ask anyone who is interested in a career in law enforcement why they choose that career, and they will say it is to help their community and make a difference in the world. In an average day an officer patrols his given area to keep the safety of the people. For instance the the presence of a police officer in the neighborhood keeps away the criminals who break into homes while people are at work or asleep. It is hard for people to imagine what a world without law enforcement is like. Law enforcement officers must be honest, self-led, calm in a crisis, and well trained physically and mentally to ensure the safety of the people they are sworn to protect. In order to become a police officer, one must know the history of law enforcement, what a police officer does, the salary and benefits associated with the position, the education and training required to be a police officer, various types of law enforcement, and where police officers work. The first law enforcement in the United States began in April of 1635 in the city of Boston. In the 13 colonies it was called the night watch; officers served part time without pay (“Important Dates”). The city of boston hires the first police full time paid law enforcement in 1712. in 1835 Texas creates something called the Texas rangers and is the oldest law enforcement in America. 1902 fingerprinting becomes used for the first time. In 1974 police start wearing soft body armor to protect against gunshots and
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