Law Enforcement And Criminal Justice System

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Law enforcement agencies together with the entire criminal justice system of the United states have for a long time been accused of exhibiting biasness when it comes to the implementation of the law. The two systems have been accused of being harsh on particular ethnic communities and being too lenient on other communities. One perfect exemplification of the discrimination and bias exhibited by law enforcement agencies regards the criminalization of Black and Latino communities. Recent statistics indicates that members of the black and Latino communities are increasingly being exposed to harsher treatment by the criminal justice system and law enforcement, and the rates of victimization for these two communities are at all-time high. Incidences of random stopping, questioning and frisking of black and Latino people have been on the rise particularly in large cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago and so on. In addition, the number of prosecution and conviction of Latino and Black suspects in courts is also very high. Perhaps this is why a large percentage of incinerated individuals is made up of members from the black and Latino communities. The observed victimization and criminalization of blacks and Latinos has been the subject of much literature and press releases. This essay aims to explore how this criminalization has been reported in books, media outlets and so on. Edward J. Escobar is one of the authors who has explored the issue of Black and Latino
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