Law Enforcement And The Community

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Law enforcement has a crucial role in the community which goes beyond enforcing the law in a politically correct manner. The role of law enforcement includes preserving the peace and generating trust within the community. Communities rely on law enforcement to "protect and serve," while in return, law enforcement relies on the community to support and cooperate. In a perfect world, the relationship between law enforcement and the community would be mutually beneficial and harmonious. However, it is not easy enforcing the law in today’s free society. Law enforcement officers face the best and the worst in humanity. The strained relationship between law enforcement and the community hinders the effectiveness of police officers. There are several approaches to improve the relationship between police officers and the community. Some of these approaches include community policing, use of force, body-worn cameras, and specialized training requirements for police officers, among others. At some point in the history of the United States, citizens had a fearful yet healthy respect for law enforcement officers. That respect is a vital part of the responsibility that comes from living in a free society. It is part of the social contract, to follow the laws and respect authority, which makes us a civilized nation. Regrettably, our current society has changed and the level of respect and appreciation for authority has diminished. Officers can be thanked for risking their lives on a
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