Law Enforcement Application Essay

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My goal’s I attend to achieve in pursuing a certificate in Basic Law Enforcement are primarily to make an impact in the community. Furthermore, I enjoy the various jobs that Law Enforcement has to offer. Last reason, would be to be part of an exclusive organization that I can be proud of. My past experiences in my work history have been mostly related to customer service, problem solving, and interpersonal skills. I also have interacted with plentiful of people, on many different social levels and many diverse cultures.
Making an impact in every community would be one of the most important key in being an effective Police Officer. To be able to establish a concrete partnership with the community, will have the opportunity to help people make better choices. Becoming a role model for the upcoming generation is critical on the reduction in percentage of crime we see today. Being able to earn the public’s trust will let us have the option to show compassion on all the communities concerns.
Also I enjoy the various jobs that Law Enforcement proposes; you get to learn something new every day. Becoming a Police Officer offers new challenges daily and there are few career fields more challenging than Law
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I personally have a desire in making a difference. Growing up I witnessed violence, moreover the violence has increased more as you see in the news nowadays. For example, children are dying from hit and run, children being shot outside their homes for no apparent reason. I have a passion to protect these citizens, who deserve a chance to live, run around the parks without worries of being shot by a drive by. I want to be the difference; I want the new generation to be able to feel safe in their own home and in public. I also want to be able to educate others and teach others about the importance of safety. Going to schools and teach children about
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