Law Enforcement

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Ethics Issues Law Enforcement Stephanie L. Howe, Brenda Deyo, Bergette Shepherd, Martis Mcfadden CJA/324 April 1, 2013 Donal Hardin Ethics Issues Law enforcement men and women put their lives on the line to serve and protect the communities that they live in but it is when one or two of those make a bad decision that can quickly change the perspective of society. This perspective of trust, respect, safety and integrity can be changed in a short time by a few unethical choices and to rebuild that perspective can take many years. This is a sad world that we live in when we cannot trust the people that have sworn to serve and protect our communities to make the right decisions when it comes to their duties. There are so many…show more content…
The whole ordeal was caught on video by other detectives that were investing human trafficking nearby, whom stepped in to get help to the beaten men (Lynch, 2013) . These three particular incidents appear to be nothing out of the ordinary these days for police departments across the country, all of this are very inappropriate and all different forms of misconduct unethical to say the least. The officers of time past were respectful and treated people the way that they should fair, innocent until proven guilty and there were not as many officers that were being called out for misconduct. This is partly due to the swing in society but also the capabilities of cell phones, on board cameras and the ability to share just as quick as you can record, technology surely has not been friendly to the police in America. The technology meant to protect the police is now their downfall because of their heinous actions, that are less than ethical but also less than human. References Lynch, T. (2013, March 26). National Police Misconduct Reporting Project. Retrieved from WDIV Detroit. (2013, March 27). Ex-Royal Oak officer sentenced to prison for child porn on home computer. Retrieved from
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