Law Enforcement Foundations and Similar Programs

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Prior to this time, Police applicants need only meet the minimum requirements of age (18 or older), High School Education, Clean Criminal Record and testing that were specific to the Agency that they applied to. Security Guards and Private Investigators had fewer requirements to obtain Licensing. Adults with a Clean Criminal Record and providing the associated fee would send a Passport type photo in the mail and receive their Security/P.I. License within weeks of their application.
Present Legislation surrounding Policing and Security Guards/Private Investigators requires candidates to undergo a battery of tests and/or training before even being considered for a position. This is true for Public Policing and Private Sector, Security hiring practices. There are thousands of candidates that graduate from Degree Programs, Police Foundations Programs and Private Colleges that do not or will not meet the basic requirements for a job in Policing. The Private Sector is a less arduous process and Security or Private Investigator can go through ‘Basic Training’ in 40 and 50 hours respectively. This allows them to challenge the ‘Provincial Security Guard Exam’ or the ‘Provincial Private Investigator Exam.’ Everest College offers training but does…
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