Law Enforcement Is A Challenging Job

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Introduction Law Enforcement is a challenging job and it is definitely not your normal nine to five one. Signing up to be in law enforcement, whether it is federal, state, local, or tribal, takes a special person. It changes who you are and how people you know view and interact with you. Even within other agencies, you can be viewed different, depending on what level you are. You can be on the inside, but feel like you’re on the outside. Information is a precious commodity and some are not as willing to share as others. Sometimes it feels like they have a secret and don’t want to tell you. It’s probably something you need to help, but they just want to feel important and be the keeper of the info. This has been a big problem in the intelligence community and one that has been discussed repeatedly. Intelligence of Homeland Security Intelligence is something meant to be share within the proper channels. If you are in the know, with a need to know, then you should be able to view it. Even after the towers fell, we were scrambling through seas of information and trying to figure out what we knew. Everyone was used to doing their own thing and working within their agency. There were no clear lines of communication between the different agencies and this led to gaps in our intelligence. Everyone had their own way of doing things; they had their own networks to work with, and had their own sources of information for intelligence gathering. It almost seemed like a competition of
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