Law Enforcement Is Empowered With The Highest Responsibility Any Man

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Law Enforcement is empowered with the highest responsibility any man can have. Law enforcement officials have the ability and backing of the American people to restrict and at times take ones freedom away. However, over the past decade media has exploited the failures of law enforcement officials and has on multiple occasions attempted to discredit the capability of law enforcement across America. Are these constant stories of law enforcement failures having a negative effect on the public’s views on law enforcement, or is policing as a whole failing to do the job that is expected of them? I believe there is not one person in the American society no matter how evil they are or what type of crimes they might have committed that does not respect what law enforcement officers have done over their storied years of history. There are the citizens who will continually thank and praise what officers do day after day because they know they would never be able to do it themselves and then there are those who hate the police every time they put them in jail but respect them when they catch the guy who broke into their parents’ home. So what is really expected of law enforcement? Is there a set standard that all law enforcement officers must follow?
As written by author David Johnson in his book American Law Enforcement: A History; More than 350 years ago, the townspeople formed a “watch” who patrolled at night, walking the rounds. Initially run by a combination of obligatory and…
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