Law Enforcement Priority Crime Survey

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Law Enforcement Priority Crime Survey
1. How many sworn personnel at your agency?

Patrol division ________
Investigative division ________
2. Does your agency currently employ an intelligence analyst?
If yes, what is your analyst’s primary focus?
___ Operational Intelligence
___ Strategic Intelligence
___ Tactical Intelligence
3. What is the primary means of intelligence collection at your agency?

___ Officer/citizen contact
___Traffic infraction data
___Incident Reports
4. What do you think are the current policing priorities of this department? (Please rank the TOP THREE – 1 being the most important)

___ Responding to Emergency Calls
___ Service Calls and Assistance
___ Promoting Police-Community
___ Crime Prevention
___ Traffic Regulations & Enforcement
___ Public Order Maintenance
___ Drug & Alcohol Enforcement
___ Encouraging Voluntary Compliance of Laws & Regulations
___ Education
___ Problem Solving
___ Other:___________________________
5. What crime(s) have the most economic burden on the agency or the community?
• Cost to victim
• Criminal justice system
• Crime career cost
• Intangible cost

6. What crime has the highest potential for human loss or injury?

7. What crime received the most calls for service?

8. What crime or crimes does your agency require the most training in?

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