Law Enforcement : Protectors Of The People Essay

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Courtney Kirbyson
Mrs. Schroeder
English 12
4 May 2015
Law Enforcement: Protectors of the People Looking back to roughly around 3,000 B.C., the earliest recorded evidence of law enforcement careers had manifested themselves in Ancient Egypt, where the policemen were stationed to guard the pharaoh, his family, public places, as well as tombs. The first American branch of law enforcement was set up in Boston, Massachusetts around the 1600s. The way this all worked is the townspeople recruited were posted in certain areas throughout the city/town where they would patrol nightly. Law enforcement has progressed drastically since then. We now live in the twenty first century, where law enforcement officers have combined traditional methods and devices with new technological equipment and tactics. This allows the officers to operate at maximum efficiency. Without law, we would have anarchy. There are laws that criminalize acts that, sadly, people will do even if it is illegal. This usually results in consequences, breaking this nation’s laws requires law enforcement to enforce the consequences that come with it. California Highway Patrol Officer Leroy Gumm is one of those enforcers. Officer Gumm has been a police officer for roughly thirteen years. He decided to go into law enforcement when he was around 25 years old. Officer Gumm provides some insight as to the duties and responsibilities of a law enforcement officer: “My job requires me to provide the highest level of safety,…
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