Law Enforcement Provides Society With An Array Of Invaluable Services

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Law enforcement provides society with an array of invaluable services that cannot be overlooked. Law enforcement officers place themselves at considerable risk in order to protect the safety of others. Moreover, these individuals are not prompted by financial incentives to enter this hazardous line of work, but are instead motivated by the personal rewards and satisfaction that emanate from advancing the interests of the commonwealth. However, in spite of their vast contributions, law enforcement officers are capable of error and behaving unethically. For example, an officer may accidently commit an infraction due to an oversight, or they may knowingly abuse their position of authority. Thus, various protections have been afforded to the public as a defense against the violation of their rights. The fourth amendment functions as a deterrent against police impropriety by establishing the conditions under which an officer can perform a search. Overall, the vehicle search that was conducted in the scenario was illegal; thus, any of the evidence that was seized would be inadmissible in a court of law. The Legality of the Search Some of the actions of the other officer were warranted and they did initially act within the confines of the law. Ultimately, the other officer did not arbitrarily decide to stop a vehicle. The registration of the vehicle had been expired, which constitutes an offense; thus, the other officer did have legitimate grounds to stop the vehicle. However,

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