Law Enforcement Should Prioritize Their Resources By Focusing On The Most Serious Crime

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Law enforcement should prioritize their resources by focusing on the most serious crime that is at hand. There are three types of police cases, cases/crimes that are already solved, those can be solved but requires a lot of work, and those that can never be solved. More likely than not officers tend to choose the cases that are already solved because they are able to get immediate results, which makes the public happy. They are also more likely to choose these cases because they require fewer resources and are considered less expensive. The cases that viewed as hard to solve cases or may never be solved are usually more expensive and requires a lot of resources, officers may attempt to solve a case that is unsolvable due to notoriety and publicity.
According to McGarrell et al. (2001), earlier studies suggested that directed police attention to high crime areas or to specific crime types can lead to crime reductions. Studies such as this has supported the concept that the most serious crime should be first priority, however the most serious crimes are what tend to use up a lot of the resources that law enforcement officers use. Wells (2012) focused on the impacts of firearms crime. The study indicated that police can affect serious crimes by targeting firearms that are illegally possessed and carried, relatively small amounts of gun seizures generated meaningful results. With a focus on high crime areas, the more serious crimes are easily targeted and resources will be…
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