Law Enforcement: The Following Case Study Is From The Baltimore

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Law Enforcement: The following case study is from the Baltimore Police Department April 2015 and involves a young African-American man named Freddie Gray and how he was mistreated, arrested, and killed by Baltimore Police. Freddie Gray was running when he was stopped and pinned to the ground by police officers. The officers stated that Gray had a knife on him but did not see or find one until after he was detained. Gray was screaming when he was being detained and he also requested an inhaler, which was ignored by the officers (BBC, 2016).
The officers placed Gray in a tactical hold because they said he was being enraged by the situation. The officers proceeded to call a van to take Gray to jail. Freddie Gray requested for medical
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In Baltimore, African-Americans are subjected to scrutiny by police officers and a study developed by the justice department demonstrates that “BPD officers made 520 stops for every 1,000 black residents in Baltimore, but only 180 stops for every 1,000 Caucasian residents,” (Ajaka et al., 2016).
These problems occur when departments do not regulate stricter procedures and also failing to train the officers to handle any situation. Edwin Sutherland’s differential association theory can best relate to the subject of police abuse and brutality because interacting with others, people learn the values, techniques, and motives for criminal behavior. Many officers learn from other experienced officers, which can change some of the views and beliefs that the new officers have. The officers in the Freddie Gray case displayed an irrational mishandling of the case and were in violation with a handful of department policies and procedures. The officers were also in violation of the Code of Professional ethics because of the treatment that Freddie Gray received before and after he was detained
The unethical behavior that the Baltimore Police officers demonstrated the theory that a portion of officers in Baltimore may be racists. The violation of Gray’s rights may indicate a goal of the Baltimore Police Department to target African-Americans and assume that they are committing a crime. Some officers are new to the increase in power once sworn in as an
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