Law Enforcement : The Police Officer And The Firefighter

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Law Enforcement The profession that interests me the most is law enforcement. I chose law enforcement because I wanted to impact my community and I felt a need to work for something greater than myself. Based on the images provided by the set of slides I believe that each slide positively represented the profession. There were three different aspects of law enforcement depicted in the slides, the police officer, the corrections officer and the firefighter. The next slide showed a forensics technician and the final slide showed a police detective. Only going off of the photos I can determine that each of the individuals was professional. Each person had on a specific uniform. The uniforms were clean, tidy, pressed and fitted. Appropriate attire is vital when assessing individual professionalism. You want to ensure that your hair is groomed appropriately. Your clothes are not too tight or too big. If you wear a uniform, it needs to appear clean and pressed. Shoes should be free of dirt, dust or debris. After reviewing the slides some areas that I found to be inconsistent with attire and presentation would be the final slide. The individual in the photo appeared to have facial hair. Being in the military and in law enforcement that would not adhere to the policy in place. Males must keep their face clean-shaven. If there are medical reasons for facial hair the hair cannot exceed ¼ inch. If there is cause for facial hair it cannot be shaped (“Wear and Appearance of
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