Law Enforcement : The United States

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We the People

Law enforcement was designed in the early 1800’s by a man named Robert Peal, which is why cops are sometimes referred to as Bobbies in England; designing an organization of law enforcement that would protect people from harming other people (Christ). This was the model that we based our western law enforcement agencies on, until prohibition became a federal task in the 1920’s. This is when the federal government decided to take up the task of protecting people from themselves. Fast forward to the 1960’s; President Richard Nixon took a step forward with prohibition by declaring a war on drugs. This perpetual war has consumed much of our country’s financial resources and profoundly affected our criminal justice system, which governs us today. Many claim that this effect on our country has been negative, but others claim the necessity of it. There have been vast changes in our country since law enforcement instituted the principal of protecting people from themselves. Has this addition to the western model of law enforcement been beneficial? Is it logical in current times? Those who agree that prohibition is necessary often take a more conservative approach to politics, social policies, and law enforcement agendas. One of the most frequent objections to ending prohibition is that the end of these laws would condone drug use, cause more families to suffer, and increase crime. Conservative media outlets across America agree, “Almost nobody disputes that the…
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