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Law Enforcement Today Paper
Lorie Daniels
SUNDAY JULY 26, 2015
Scott Smith

Law Enforcement Today Paper

The police roles in today’s society are to try to maintain the order as well as to control to keep the public safe. I will describe the issues that police departments are experiences in today society. The police departments are facing from today’s society are corruption, as well as danger on the job, and most of all the use of deadly force. For the police when things start to happen and the police needs to use force you overthink that someone will try to accuse you for racial profiling and exposure to civil liability. Understanding that the hardest things the police have to do are serving a large society. The society
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Honesty within the agency it should be a goal for everyone involved in the corporation.
Another issue of racial and biased profiling is also a popular problem for law enforcement today. The important thing for officers is to maintain a balance of justice and treat all citizens equally. Of course this become an issue plenty of times when crimes start and the scapegoat of such crime was a member of a small group, or vice, and the suspect is part of the small group. Assuming the victim were African American in a predominantly White community, the example is, the police just might find themselves attack as not working as much to find the criminal. Looking at it from another standpoint, if the criminal were guess to be Black, the police may be absolve for going out of their way to find him /her guilty. Now we all should know that race is not the main or only issue when references to profiling, especially knowing about the 911 attacks (September 11, 2001). Today, police officers have to proceed with caution in respect to religion, and make additional efforts to display they are not attacking specific religious beliefs.
Now civil liability has become a consequential issue for police departments and their officers. Believe or not the civil lawsuit is one incorrect move away in the popular society of America. Therefore, any flaw or mistakes by any officer in an act of
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