Law Enforcement Workforce Challenges

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Maintaining the law enforcement workforce levels is one of the most prominent challenges facing law enforcement in the 21st century. Henceforth recruiting candidates to law enforcement is one of the most significant challenges facing law enforcement agencies in the 21st century, regardless of whether the agency is large or small. Studies routinely demonstrate these challenges are magnified due to diminished candidate pools of candidates considering law enforcement as a career, increased attrition rates, increased responsibilities, low compensation and social media atmosphere not conducive to law enforcement Unfortunately, these challenges have not escaped the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office as they struggle to fill open law enforcement and…show more content…
This is surpassed by the activity of the division in 2016, as 55 different events have been attended or are scheduled to attend. In the two years, 94 different recruiting events have been attended with an average of 3.9 per month. Unfortunately, the Sheriff’s Office has noticed limited interest candidates interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement. As an example, in 2015, the Civilian Specialist position was advertised four times on the Applicant Tracking System, ATS. While the initial interest in the position appeared to be positive, with 3,199 candidates viewing the position posting, true interest did not materialize. Even though 3,199 candidates viewed the opening, not all viewers applied as actual applications received were miniscule in comparison, with 304 PHP’s returned. Of those potential candidates, 35 were…show more content…
In so much as all local law enforcement agencies are desperately searching for those quality candidates, the Sheriff’s Office is gradually becoming one of the areas other agencies are utilizing to recruit staff. This trend has increased over the years supported by the number of deputies who have left the agency for local law enforcement agencies. From January 2015 through August 31, 2013, the Sheriff’s Office has experienced a loss of 16 deputies resigning and accepting positions with other agencies with 11 of the deputies having three years or less of service to the Sheriff’s Office. Thus, the retention of staff is an area for
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