Law Enforcement and Ethics Essay

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Ethics play a huge role in a police officers line of work. Since police are given such a high degree of trust and authority, it can unfortunately be very easy for an officer to fall into some unethical behavior. This can range from just minor acts that are frowned upon, to actual downright illegal activity. Even though there are a countless number of acts and behaviors that can be considered unethical, in the following paper I will focus primarily on those incidents involving police officers who steal for their own personal gain, and discuss my position on the issue. An event that definitely can be seen as being unethical involves a twenty-three year old former Phoenix, Arizona Police Officer. While on-duty and in full uniform, Officer…show more content…
After successfully committing both thefts, Wren and Mardjaee went their separate ways for a year and a half. At some point, the Avondale Police Department used Mardjaee as a confidential Informant. There the department asked him if he knew about any police corruption. Mardjaee revealed his secrets and discussed Wrens involvement in the thefts. The police later used him to set-up Officer Wren in an undercover sting. They had Mardjaee call Wren and he told him about a “Big One” that he wanted to pull off. The two men then made their plans to pull over another dealer. On June 10, 2010 at around 10 p.m. Officer Wren stopped a vehicle that he thought was the suspected drug dealer at the 6300 block of West McDowell Road (1). He spoke briefly with the driver, who was unknowingly an undercover officer that had $40,000 inside the vehicle. The driver claimed that he didn’t know English. Officer Wren became suspicious about whether or not the driver was actually a drug dealer, and had a gut feeling that it was in fact an undercover officer. Once Wren had run the vehicle identification number (VIN), the computer returned the company’s name that was used for unmarked vehicles. Wren’s Stomach was turning and he asked the driver what was going on. The undercover officer would not break his character and Wren just told the driver to leave. At that point Officer Wren was under surveillance by both a helicopter and numerous other
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