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Law firm of Firm Law LLP Sole proprietorship, partnerships, and corporations are just a few different organization entities that people use when starting a new business. One can change from one business type into another using proper paperwork and by abiding state rules and regulations. There are various factors to consider when starting a business such as the nature of the business being started, the business type, investments or funding, and employees. First, we will examine what business type is better suited for the Law Firm of Firm Law to operate. Then, we will consider the pros and cons of said business type to ensure proper fit. After, we will discuss the issue of investments and stock issuances, if required. Lastly, we will cover the policies and standards needed for employees to follow in our business structure. First, the business I am starting is a law firm named The Law Firm of Firm Law operating in the greater Los Angeles area; however, this is a special type of business and cannot be started without going through the proper channels beforehand. A law firm is a type of “professional” career in which one has to prove to the state with certificates of competency that one is able to perform required tasks in said field. These businesses are usually but not restricted to sole proprietorships, Limited Liability Partnerships, and Limited Liability Corporations. I believe that in order to narrow down which business structure is best we need to weigh the pros and cons
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