Law For Social Work Practice : Adults And Carers Case Scenario

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7SO004 Law for Social Work Practice: Adults and Carers Case Scenario

Mrs Durant would be considered a vulnerable adult based on the guidance outlined in ‘No Secrets’ (Department of health (DH) 2000) due to her age, disability and her inability to take care of herself. Within safeguarding adults, no specific Law is currently implemented, which means each Local Authority (LA) will have their own policies that need to be adhered too.

Social Work Intervention part 1: Current hospital admission Prior to her admission to hospital, Mrs Durant only received support and care from her neighbours, despite being eligible for community care services. Upon discharge from the hospital, under s.2 and s.5 of The Community Care (Delayed Discharges etc.) Act (2003), the National Health Service (NHS) acted on their duty to communicate their concerns, the need for community care services and a discharge date to the LA. Information about Mrs Durant would be minimised to retain confidentiality and minimalize bureaucracy. Once delivered the social services would have a duty to assess Mrs Durant within three days. All duties are compulsory and must not be avoided.

The LA has a duty to prevent ill treatment towards adults, and case law is present that allows them to use their powers to protect vulnerable adults from abuse and neglect. The statute law, placing a duty upon the LA to assess Mrs Durant’s needs is located in S.47 of NHS Community Care Act (NHSCCA) (1990). Therefore, health and

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