Law Is Not Always a Tool of Justice

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“This is a court of law, not a court of justice” - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., a late 1800s American jurist. The words of Holmes bring doubt to courtrooms and prove that the law is not always a tool of justice. When it comes to trial, some decisions are made unfairly in all sorts of cases. In the United States, two trial systems are used in court depending on the nature of the case, either the jury trial system or the bench trial system. Many people prefer one over the other, but no one can really determine which one is best since every individual has his own definition of “fair trial.” Even though court trial can guarantee individuals a purely legalistic trial, most people would agree that the jury trial is fairer.
Jury decisions are rendered by 12 different people each having his or her own opinion and point of view of the case bringing flexibility into the courtroom. This results in a wider discussion and a deliberative and accurate decision. Whereas in the bench trial, the defendant’s fate lies in the hands of one person, the judge. A judge’s decision can be unfair sometimes, even if he has more experience in law. He does not process the case the same way the jury does. His own point of view is all that matters and unfortunately in some cases bad judges have made horrible decisions. Several convicts tried to prove their innocence by bribery and found it easier in bench trial rather than in jury trial. Unlike corrupt judges, bribing a jury is almost impossible. It’s a
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