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The Role of Science in a media
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Science plays a major role in the story line of NBC’s police-procedural drama, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit; more specifically, forensic science. From beginning to end, the characters depend on the use and their understanding of forensic science to uncover the mysteries of each examined case. The advancements in technology along with the psychological approach used by detectives to solve each case make the serious and critical role that science plays more than evident to the audience. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit series premiered on the NBC network in the fall of 1999 as the first spin-off of the successful crime drama, Law & Order. Law &
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Warner after she’s had a chance to examine the victim. At the top of each of these episodes, Dr. Warner is found in the lab using equipment and her knowledge of the many different subdivisions of forensic science to create a clearer picture of what may have happened to detectives. Remarkably, Dr. Warner seems to be exceptionally educated in whatever subdivision of forensic science is thrown her way. From forensic anthropology to DNA analysis and even forensic optometry, there seems to be nothing Dr. Warner can’t figure out on her own! The findings that she reports to the lead detectives of the show, Benson and Stabler, lay down the groundwork for how they proceed to build their case. Special Agent George Huang, M.D. is equally a powerful player on the Special Victims Unit team. His vast knowledge of forensic psychology and psychopathology lends him a preternatural ability to understand, empathize with, and predict the actions of suspects as well as victims. (Wikipedia) His extensive knowledge in the fields of theology, ethnic studies, and forensics make him a definite secret weapon when it comes to the battle of solving and even understanding the most complicated and confusing of cases. The insight given by Dr. Huang is incomparable to any other member of the unit in assessing the best ways to deal with those directly involved in the cases, such as the victims, suspects and the perpetrators. Many times, his
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