Law & Policy Case Study

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Law and Policy Case Study Bradley L. Hardman UMUC What does the word policy mean to you? In this study there will be a clear definition of the word and what it means to the company. After that is clearly defined, the next topics will be regulations and laws. Those three will cover legal environment and lead into a look at the impact the legal environment has on an organization. The final area to address is confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. To begin with the definition of policy for our purposes comes in two parts. The first part is the definition of policy as it applies to the government be it federal, state, or local. From the website a…show more content…
With policies in place, it is the responsibility of the organization to make them understood by employees. It is also the responsibility of the organization to make sure that its employees are fully following the policies. Moreover, information security policies are important in a way that they help reduce the risks associated with employees' acceptable and unacceptable use of the company's information resources. As would confirm Danchev of Windows Security, the first step towards enhancing a company's security is the introduction of a precise yet enforceable security policy, informing staff on the various aspects of their responsibilities, general use of company resources and explaining how sensitive information must be handled and by also describing in detail the meaning of acceptable use, as well as listing prohibited activities (Danchev, 2003). By the same source, a good and well developed security policy should address how sensitive information must be handled, how to properly maintain your ID(s) and password(s), as well as any other accounting data, how to respond to a potential security incident, intrusion attempt, how to use workstations and Internet connectivity in a secure manner, how to properly use the corporate e-mail system (Danchev, 2003). Basically, the main reasons behind the creation of a security policy
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