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Law professional and conservative author, Mark I. Sutherland presents an amalgamation of a collaboration of respected religious and political right wing intellectuals who offer a penetrating commentary of a judiciary gone off course while they offer comprehensive, constructive solutions for comprehensive reform. We the people do not need to be servants to the directives of these men and women in black robes who have placed themselves on a pedestal as demi-gods. The Founding Fathers gave us a government based on the Separation of Powers, not judicial oligarchy. Sutherland has chosen conservative culture warriors who are providing an incisive critique of how important it is to protect our Constitution and not allow activists to change it with their ideology; ergo, providing comprehensive solutions for a judiciary gone awry. This exchange of information is pithy and much more varied on the issues it covers.
The Constitution of the United States of America, including the Bill of Rights, is an evolving document. Regardless of common misconceptions it is not set in stone. The Bill of Rights was created because there were states that refused to ratify the Constitution without provisions for limiting the power of the federal government. In the twentieth century 12 amendments were added which defined America. On occasion, minor adjustments may be needed to adhere to the times; however, these changes to the Constitution should not compromise its substantial Biblical inspired
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