Law School Admissions Essay - The Spirit Lives

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"Hasta la victoria siempre." (Che Guevara)

I want to study law so I can help people with problems in the workplace. I am unhappy with the decrease in real wages, the huge increase in temporary and part-time employment that includes few or no fringe-benefits, and the continued existence of unsafe work places. I believe that technological advances are going to continue to put people out of work, perhaps on a massive scale, in the next twenty to fifty years, and that government, business, and workers will have a new opportunity to share the gains in productivity that are to come. I believe that people have the right to work at a job that allows them to afford to raise a family, live in a comfortable, safe home, and work in a safe
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The pub I worked in was right next to the Observer newspaper, a hotbed or protests against the changes that took place in the printing trades during the mid 1980's. I went on several marches with friends, to protest layoffs and the hiring of non-union workers at several large daily newspapers in London. I participated in several, and witnessed dozens of marches by strikers in Paris, France in the one year I spent there. And during the three years I lived in Italy, I got to see how the distribution of power between government, business, and workers regarding the world of work is much more balanced than in t he United States. In all the countries I lived and worked I took an active interest in learning about current labor issues, debating them with local people, and following them in the press.

Having lived, worked, and studied in various countries (Please see attached resume of work experience), I am able to see that the institutions we create are not immutable. We can slow down or stop the declining of real wages, the layoffs of millions of workers, the widening income gap between the lowest thirty percent and the top twenty percent of income earners, and the flouting of health and safety regulations by employers. We must band together and speak up for each other. One of the most valuable lessons I learned from living abroad is that I do not have to
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