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Note: It is recommended that you save your response as you complete each question.
Question 1 (5 points) James believes our system of free enterprise is the best, even though businesses are not exactly trying to do nice things to competitors, because the end result is that consumers get better products. "Hey, even though what the businesses are doing is kind of cruel, the ultimate outcome is for the good—what could be wrong with that?" Chris disagrees with James: "No way will you'll get me to go along with that analysis, James, right is right and wrong is wrong. If a businessman is trying to run a competitor out of business, the intentions are all wrong—I don't care about end results." Philosophically, what is the best description of
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When she sees them in the yard, she shouts "Donkeys!" to her helpful servant Janet, who comes to her assistance and they run both donkeys and neighbors off. Aunt Betsey is considering going to district court to stop the trespassers, can you help Aunt Betsey? What equitable legal remedy should she pursue?
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Specific Performance

Question 7 (5 points) Tina and Rich were having a massive neighborhood feud. Rich set his rottweiler loose and it promptly ran across Tina's lawn and swallowed Tina's poodle whole. In retaliation, Tina had a friend from the sanitation department dump two tons of raw sewage onto Rich's front lawn. Now imagine that Tina wants to get a restraining order prohibiting Rich from

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