Lawrence County Research Paper

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Along the borders of Mercer, Beaver, and Butler county you will find a county that contains many unique characteristics. This county is known as Lawrence County. The county as a whole houses 88,000 people. The counties seat, New Castle, alone houses 22,000 of those people. Not only is the population large, it is ethnically diverse. These diversities may include, Italian, Polish, African American and middle eastern. Since our county is so diverse and everyone lives so well together, we are known as a melting pot. The diverse heritages brought different businesses that boosted Lawrence County financially in different ways.Within Lawrence County there are numerous mills, canals, railroads and restaurants. In fact, Lawrence county is known as the “hot dog capital of the world” because of the 1900’s Greek immigrants and their delicious chili. Along with the county's industrial success, Lawrence County is also known for its contributions to the entertainment world as well. As a result of two local firework companies, Pyrotechnics and Zambelli, Lawrence County is known as the “fireworks capital of America.” Pyrotechnics lights the evenings of major sporting events like the Super Bowl each year. Also, one of the “Big Six” major American film studios originated in Lawrence county. This studio is known as Warner…show more content…
The foundation itself was dedicated to bettering life in the county. The Hoyt foundation pursues the passion that May Emma Hoyt had for bettering the quality of life, health, employment and education. In earlier years the foundation purchased the Pittsburgh coal seam and in 1903 signed an oil and gas lease, which added to the foundation's assets. Today the foundation uses its assets to fund school activities like the Pennsylvania Business Week and other organizations. Each year the Hoyt foundation also grants students in Lawrence County with scholarship money, which helps them
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