Lawrence Halprin Was A Landscape Architect And Land Planner

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Lawrence Halprin was a landscape architect and land planner whose concept of including the elements of a natural environment in his many projects and the internal design thought process that had him focus on how individuals interact within a public space were the two major aspects that contributed to his success. He designed his spaces to allow the visitors to not just pass though, but to exist in the space, and feel as they have a choice in which way they go. Most of his projects were not an attempt to replicate a natural environment, but rather he drew inspiration for elements of design from nature itself. Halprin had a deep desire to improve the lives of people living in urban cities by giving them a reason to stay or return to the…show more content…
He started his deign career with the landscape architect Thomas Church in San Francisco, shortly after that in 1949 he opened his own design office (TCLF). All of Halprin’s designs have their root in nature or natural environments and how he integrates these into his manmade spaces. He spent many hours walking through the mountains, hills, valleys, and coastlines observing the natural elements that make each one of these places unique. The key feature of many of Halprin’s projects included the use of water features, he would use these water features to elicit the feeling of being in a natural environment rather than a man made one. In addition to his astute incorporation of natural elements, his other focus was how people interacted in a public space. His wife Anna was a dancer and choreographer and inspired the basis for many of his landscape designs and the human interaction of people in these spaces and how he could essentially choreograph how people moved through the public spaces he designed (Halprin Landscape Conservancy). He coined a new term, "motation", this was the combination of motion and notation, he would use this concept while plotting or choreographing how he wanted to have people move through a particular space that he was in the process of designing (TCLF). In addition to his extensive resume of landscapes he designed over his 60-year career, Halprin also authored 9 books and an award-winning

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