Lawrence Working Capital Program : Lawrence

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Kimberly Hopkins Assignment #3 July 15, 2015 Lawrence Working Capital Program Lawrence, Massachusetts is an industrial city located 26 miles north of Boston. As Lawrence continued to grow over time, immigrants from Puerto Rico and Dominican Republican seek a gateway for employment opportunities within the United States. Once the population increased in Lawrence the job market decreased and the population was served as a source of low-wage labors such; as traditional manufacturing firms and small businesses. Lawrence Low-wage labor resulted in reconstructing the city’s economic development plan to meet the growing demand of the city. The city of Lawrence Economic Development goal is to create an environment within the City of Lawrence that is conducive to both business and residential activity, in turn attracting and leveraging additional private investment. The priorities of the Economic Development Division include: • Building the vitality of the downtown core through the creation of new residential, business, retail, cultural and entertainment opportunities. • Strengthening neighborhood centers with new residential and retail alternatives. • Improving connections between and among the City 's many economic generators. • Marketing Lawrence’s assets to the region and beyond. Therefore, the Lawrence Minority Business Council (LMBC) and the Lawrence Working Capital (LWC) was organized to help generate multiple small businesses and to help increase employments rate in
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