Laws Against Cancellation of a Hotel Booking

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In this report I will explain the legal significance of a hotel booking and the consequence if there is a breach of contract. I will start by explaining the significance of having a contract, what the contract entails in relation to cancellation and the consequence of a breach. I will include the statutory rules relevant to the conflict to the compromised solution. A contract is an agreement that is legally enforceable. Contracts provide businesses with security. If contractual promises are broken the innocent party are entitled to seek a legal remedy through the court system. In this instance we are the dominant party relying upon standard terms and conditions of this contract. Our contract is in writing signed by both parties, so…show more content…
“Credit” includes a cash loan and any other financial accommodation including hire purchase, credit sales and credit cards. If the debtor is in default and fails to make the credit payments then the agreement may be enforced against him subject to the provisions of the Act. The creditor in such circumstances is required to serve a default notice on the debtor specifying the breach of contract and giving the debtor at least seven days to take remedial action. Under a hire purchase agreement the creditor retains the ownership of the goods until the debtor exercises the option to purchase by payment of the final installment. If the debtor has difficulty in making the repayments he can terminate the agreement, He may also be made liable for further repayments to represent the creditor’s loss and this is why formal termination by the debtor is not a advisable course of action. If the court feels that the credit bargain is extortionate in that it is grossly exorbitant of offends the principles of fair dealing then it may reopen the credit agreement and do justice between the parties. Effectively the court could change the agreement by rescheduling repayments and/or set aside the whole or part of the debt. The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 If a consumer contracts for the supply of a service such as car hire, laundry, holidays, financial service, and
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