Laws Against Junk Food In Schools Summary

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The article laws against junk food in schools help rich students more than poor ones is written by Eryn Brown and Teresa Watanabe. The article was found on the Los Angeles Times webpage. This article was chosen because as a mother of three children currently enrolled in school, I am interested in knowing how the availability of junk food in schools might encourage obesity in my children, and what measures have been taken by the government to eradicate junk food and the negative effects it poses.. This article aims analyze and illustrate how the laws on junk food benefit a high socioeconomic class than it does a low socioeconomic class. State laws in California have banned the sale of sugary drinks and junk foods on elementary food campus, thus making it hard for elementary school kids to get their hands on them at will, furthermore reducing the risks of kids…show more content…
It most importantly brings its audience to the realization that the war against junk food is not fully combatted as it still affects low socioeconomic classes as children in this class still face the risk of obesity and even more serious ailments like diabetes and cancer which can result from obesity. The authors interpret the problem facing socioeconomic class well by admitting that the foods they can mostly afford are junk food. Nonetheless, find it derogatory that the authors would suggest that parents in a low socioeconomic class lack nutritional knowledge, I perceive this as a stereotype against that social class. In conclusion, it is relevant in showing a particular trend going on in socio economic classes. However, the article would have been most relevant if it also offered ways and techniques that could be used to ensure that children from low socioeconomic classes also benefit from the laws against junk
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