Laws And Laws Of Driving License

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Law relating to Driving License
As per the Section 3 of the Central Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 nobody can drive at any public place until he holds an effective driving license issued to him authorizing him to drive the vehicle. Exception to drive a transport vehicle such a motor cab or motor vehicle hired by him for his own use or rented under a scheme. Section 5 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 talks about the responsibility of the owner to not to allow one’s vehicle to be driven by others.
Different types of driving licence
1. Learner’s License: The Learner’s license is a temporary licence valid up to only 6 months. Jurisdiction for issuing learner’s license is on the basis of place you reside or where you work for gain or on the basis of school or place where he intends to receive driving instructions. Learner’s license holder cannot drive a transport vehicle unless he drives a light motor vehicle (LMV) for one year.
• Learner’s License to drive a LMV: No person under the age of 18 years shall be granted a learners license to drive a motor vehicle without gear except in writing with person having care of person having the desire of learner’s license. Medical certificate is required with the application form in case of vehicle other than LMV. 2. Permanent Driving License
Permanent driving license is issued to those who become eligible for it after thirty days (to apply within 180 days) from the date of issue of the learner license. Person suppose to get permanent driving…
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