Laws, Social Change and Socio-Legal Research in India Essay

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Law is the expression of the will of the society. Its virtue or vice depends on the social conscience at a given time. A bad law is a manifestation of an aberration in a body politic of the conscience of the society. In every political society it is the law which contributes to its civilized character, but law is the handmaid of social justice, rendering in the interest of society that which is according to law and to which a person or persons are entitled. Law is the very foundation of society and the true function of justice is to keep the scales even between man and man to adjudicate the merits of the problem brought before the courts in the true light. According to Salmond ‘Law, as the body of principle recognized and…show more content…
And so today, it is needed to rely on socio-legal research for law reform, which serve the various purposes such as it suggests a reform in the existing law, socio-legal research, collect, search and make available the legal principle which are useful for society, it suggests a set of rules where no rules exist at all. Socio-legal research can enable us to find out the deficiencies in an enactment and the problems of its implementations. The object of socio-legal research is to find out lacunae or deficiencies in the existing laws and to suggest suitable measures to eliminate them. And also another objective is that, where there is an area for which there is no law at all, by conducting socio-legal research, would be suggested suitable legislations for that area. And so we say that, the significance of socio-legal research lies in the submission of proposal for reform in the existing law be it enacted, customary or judicial socio-legal research is very useful to find out. Impact of any established legislation or impact of a newly formed legal principle, rule or institution on society. And so it helps the Government in formulating suitable laws. In pursue its economic and social policies for e.g. law and legal propositions are not find or absolute. They are in the state of becoming. Accepted norms or principles whether statutory or as principle of justice, equity and good conscience are applied again and again to test its voracity or
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