Laws of Hammubari

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PART 1: The first law of the Hammurabi’s Code of Laws, ‘If anyone ensnare another, putting a ban upon him, but he cannot prove it, then he that ensnared him shall be put to death.’ The meaning of this code is that if you accuse someone of a crime you better be able to re-enforce your statement or if you can’t then you will be put to death. The 106th law of the Hammurabi’s Code: ‘If the agent accept money from the merchant, but have a quarrel with the merchant (denying the receipt), then shall the merchant swear before God and witnesses that he has given this money to the agent, and the agent shall pay him three times the sum.’ This basically means that if a person has borrowed money and if the person who borrowed the money decides to deny…show more content…
The law is said to be fair to everyone. The law is meant to be for everyone there. There was no set of rules for the rich or another set of the common these things did not happen. Or was there? The same crime but the consequences are the same for all the people. For an example if a commoner pokes another person’s eye out he, the commoner, would also have to have his eyes poked out. But if the situation was that a rich person who had poked out someone’s eye, he would then have to sell wife, daughter or son to a business for three years. Also if a slave was to poke out a commoner’s bull than the slave will have to poke out his own eyes too. So there was prejudice in the Hammurabi laws. The riches would get the easiest punishment, than the commoners and finally the slaves or homeless. As from the example all law was NOT meant for all the people if you were in a different class (the rich, the poor, slaves, commoner, royals and homeless) you would get different punishments for the crime or accident that you have committed. A small petty crime could involve a hand being lost or a major crime death. All of the Hammurabi laws are extreme compared to the lax laws we have today. An example would be stealing. If you were caught stealing in Summeria the Hammurabi law would be to cut off the hand that you used to steal the item. If the item was a minor one your hand would be chopped off but if it was an important or

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