Lawyers Face Ethical Dilemmas On An Every Day Basis, But

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Lawyers face ethical dilemmas on an every day basis, but their most pressing issue is the temptation to bribe judges, as a way to secure that their trials will have the outcomes they desire. Bribery has occurred in countless cases within the United States judicial system. Lawyers have used bribes to have cases pertaining to homicide to drug offenses fixed by judges. This is a pressing issue because it invalidates our justice system. Fixing cases eliminates a basic right, the right to a fair trail. Additionally, lawyers bribe judges to receive cases. Lawyers have become so consumed with trying as many cases as they can as well as winning cases that they have completely abandoned their ethical training. While facts and evidence used to be…show more content…
But I still go to get my guy off. Jelnick’s been transferred to another court, and P.J. McCormick’s going to hear it, and that’s going to cost me at least another hundred” (Hake 83). After bribing one judge, this lawyer goes on to state he will be bribing another judge to get his client off. Rather than doing his job the legal and ethical way the lawyer decides to partake in fixing cases. Lawyers bribe often judges whenever they can to secure an outcome rather than allowing the justice system to do its job. Undercover FBI operative Terry Hake approached a lawyer and asked him if it would better if he did not participate in the bribery (Hake 83). The lawyer responded, “Come on, Terry, it doesn’t work that way, you should know that by now. Sometimes my clients really are innocent and the cops run over their rights. You have to look out for them. There’s only one way to get a fair shake, and that’s not to leave anything to chance” (Hake 83). Lawyers have come to believe that justice comes down to chance. But, lawyers are responsible for justice becoming a chance result. Lawyers are the ones participating in bribery, forcing other lawyer to also participate so that they have the opportunity to win cases too. When lawyers have lost faith in the system because bribery has, “been going on so long, it’s never going to change,” there is a serious ethical issue occurring within the criminal justice system (Hake 83). Operation
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