Lax Tournament Research Paper

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Lax Tournament Sunday April 24, 2016. This was the date of this tournament. The team that I’m on is called the Berlin Bulldogs. Berlin is the town that we support, and Bulldogs to support that we’re a tough and strong team. We played eight games and lost 3, won 3, and tied 2 of the games. Most of the parents that we had to support us, were supplying the food and drinks so that we wouldn’t starve or run out of drinks. We had a chant, a great team, and the best coaches that guided us through the success that we needed. The worst part of this tournament was that we’re a 2nd league team and we were playing against the best of the best teams. The strange thing was that we won against one of those teams by 10 points (they must have played against really easy teams to become the best of the best teams!). The fields that we played on had the greenest of grass, but the fields were horrible because there were many areas that had holes and many people on the teams came off the field in pain because of falling into those holes.…show more content…
I’m a jr lacrosse player and I’m also able to play up as a sr lacrosse player. Since I’m a sr and jr, I was in South Windsor for 8-9 hours playing for only 200 minutes in total. All of the games that my team and I played were only 25-30 minute games but since I was there all day, it felt like I was there for EVER! The fun thing was I got to hang out with my lacrosse team for the whole day and won together and lost together as a team. Not one of us wasn’t able to score at least one goal during the sr games because they were easy to get by but not so easy to stop. The easiest teams that we were easy to beat by 10 points was Ellington. All of the players on every team played dirty, and were TALL! I felt like a little 2 year old playing against them! On one of the teams they had a 9th grader that wasn’t allowed to be on the team and when the coach on my team found out, they had to forfeit the game, so we won
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