Lay Me Up Analysis

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Music has existed for centuries, but its origin is unclear. However, the music that we do know of and have listened to through many eras, has impacted countless lives. For there to be a list of only one thousand songs of the possible billions is a demanding task. If I were to be given this task I know exactly which song I would choose without a single moment of hesitation. Of all the incredible and iconic songs ever produced, “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith is one song that is worthy of being on the top one thousand songs list, because its notes and melodies harmonize effortlessly, its lyrics speak words of true compassion, and it has significant societal importance.

In my opinion, a song can not be described as a jumble of noises and words put together, as a song is so much more. It is truly a sequence of melodies, harmonies and vocals that work together to create a masterpiece. This idea is clearly demonstrated in Sam Smith’s masterpiece, “Lay Me Down”. At the very beginning of the song, soft yet prominent notes of piano can be heard in the background, as Sam Smith’s falsetto voice sings the song lyrics gently. When he does this it creates a very quiet and intimate effect. As the song progresses, slight hints of drums are added and the tempo begins to pick up. The lyrics are then sung with plenty of power and strength at the bridge, to accompany the moving instrumentals. The beautiful
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It was beautifully put together with the perfect instruments and chords to create a work of art, the words sung by Sam Smith are undeniably poetic, and the themes expressed by this song are significant in society today and always will be. There are an abundance of different songs to choose from that have the opportunity of earning a spot on a top one thousand song list. But it is evident that Lay Me Down merits the top spot on a list that is meant for those who have a taste in music that is beyond
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