Layered Lies

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Layered Lies introduces the crime series, Kelsey’s Burden, by author Kaylie Hunter. This first book in the series establishes the theme of revenge, which drives the protagonist, Kelsey Harrison, to keep looking for her kidnapped son, Nicholas.
After her enemies, Max and Nola, stole her adopted son and staged his death, Kelsey quits the Miami police force and moves to Michigan, where she sets up a clothing resale store, The Changing Room. For two years, she uses the fortune she earns from the store to fund her under-the-radar investigations to try to find Nicholas; she also keeps her fighting skills sharp and her fitness level high to be ready to take on Max and Nola at any moment. Meanwhile, Kelsey meets a number of characters, many of them down-and-outs and a group of bikers. She employs her new friends and makeshift family at The Changing Room but guards her past from them. When it turns out that one of her friends, Lisa, is on the run from the mafia, Kelsey must decide whether she trusts her people enough with her past fears to work together with them to protect their friend. To Kelsey, saving Lisa means preventing another loss like the one she suffered when Max and Nola kidnapped Nicholas.
As promising as the premise is the book simply could not deliver the speed or build up the tension needed to make it thrilling: the story started to
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A narrative has definitely been written, but that was as far as the writing in Layered Lies went – it got the job done, but does not shine as the author’s chosen art form. I likened the tone of the book to that of a diary describing events and farcical fun in her clothing store, which hardly suited Kelsey’s mission and focus of rescuing her son from his kidnappers. While I read the book, I noticed some grammatical errors, such as nouns capitalised for no reason at all and apostrophes in plurals. There were a few editing inconsistencies
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