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Strategy is about deciding where you want to go and how you mean to get there. A strategy is a declaration of intent: This is what we want to do and this is how we intend to do it. Strategies define longer-term goals but they are more concerned with how those goals should be achieved. Strategy is the means to create value. A good strategy is one that works, one that guides purposeful action to deliver the required result.
Moreover, companies everywhere are changing the way they manage in order to be more competitive. A key measure of management in the 1990s and beyond lies in results attained relative to the opportunities and constraints created by rapid environmental change.

A primary way to gain competitive advantage is
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We will firstly discuss attracting and retaining and maintaining of employees.

The attraction of human resources involves the requisition of required human resource, further more it deals with: • Recruitment • Selection • Hiring/placement • Induction • And socialization

Meanwhile retaining and maintaining is more about the utilisation and conservation of the organisation’s Human resources such as performance and appraisal management, training and development, career and succession management, compensation and reward, collective bargaining, communication motivation and leadership, as well as maintaining sound relations.

Having established that, Vision Oil Company emphasises its HR strategy around cost effectiveness while attracting. We mean that as a large Company, when it comes to attracting Vision Oil Company recruits and selects through employment agencies and use two well known agencies based in Cape Town. The placement fee that Vision Oil has negotiated with their agencies is 10% instead of the usual 17% cost. Furthermore the risk lies with the agency not with Vision; therefore Vision Oil Company does not spend time with recruitment, but consults the employment agencies. Vision Oil Company meets with their employment agencies on a frequent basis in order to

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