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The website is clean and looks flawless. The people with no technical background appreciate these sorts of websites a lot. The layout makes the visitor quite comfortable and makes them feel like they are in good hands and will be provided with all that is needed. Thus the website is the representative of the firm that manages the volunteers and helps the needy children and providing them the health facility, education and other care facilities. The design of the website is quite professional. The washed out image on the left side of the website of a globe gives a very good appearance. Information quality of a website is the amount of information, and it is sufficient for the user. All the required information and the guidelines are present in the website. The information quality in this website is great. The introduction of the firm, the information about the major projects and the donation guidelines are all mentioned. The user is provided with all the necessary information that he desires. Website Localization is a process in which the website is made feasible for the particular culture or language of the people of a specific area and place. The website is localized. The standard language followed here is English and the website is user friendly for people all around the world. As the…

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