Lazy is the American Essay

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Lazy is the American

Today’s American society consists of many technological achievements. The cars we drive, the classes we take, and even the things we do in our spare time has changed due to the increasing amount of technology that is available to us. Technology is a wonderful thing to behold, but then we can look at the one thing technology has done to humans and especially Americans. Technology has created a society of many lazy people. In order to support my argument, I believe that it is imperative to answer one question in great detail. How has technology made us lazy?

Laziness has gradually increased in the past ten years. Kids no longer want to play outside. “It’s too hot?” or “Let me finish this game!” are just
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That’s why there was school and then baseball-- not because everyone else did it but because it was fun and it was something to do. I didn’t play outside because I couldn’t play my game, but instead I enjoyed being outside. I enjoy playing video games, don’t get me wrong, but when asked to play baseball or to umpire a game, I am one of the first ones to accept the offer. It was a part of my childhood unlike many kids today. Now the kids are asking each other when they are going to be on MSN or AOL. Are they to lazy to talk to each other while enjoying the outdoors? They might as well enjoy it now because in 50 years breathing might be difficult and playing or even walking around outside might be a struggle.

Enough child bashing, adults are living life on the lazy side as well. First, look what computer have done and are continuing to do today. Computers are developing so quickly that when you buy one it’s nearly out-dated by the time you get it up and running. Computer are being manufactured so quickly that it is nearly impossible to say you’re a computer is new. People seem like they would not be able to survive without computers. I remember washing the dishes by hand as a chore. The kids don’t do that any more and neither do the parents. All it takes is 5 minutes to throw the dishes into the dishwasher, press the button, use 6 times the water to wash them this way instead of by hand, and then they are clean. Thank you computerized
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