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LEBANESE CANADIAN BANK RESULTS THAT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES Since the beginning of 2001, the Lebanese Canadian Bank has worked on strengthening its position in the banking sector by adopting an ambitious five-year business plan aimed at increasing its market share and the volume of its banking activities as well as at improving its net results. This ambitious strategy was intended to position the Bank among the “Top Ten Banks” operating in Lebanon and this was actually achieved. LCB management took this initiative and monitored its implementation from 2001 through 2007, which contributed to a consistent growth of its total assets from: | LEBANESE CANADIAN BANKThe Lebanese Canadian Bank (LCB) boasts an extraordinarily long list of…show more content…
Solicit their feedback on the task he or she is to complete as well as its significance. People who have the opportunity to be involved in the process are more likely to feel valued and to take ownership of their tasks as part of the project. Another factor that influences people’s motivation is their understanding of the tasks. Make it a habit to ask questions that may seem obvious to you – the employees’ answers will reinforce that they grasp the project, their task, and their importance.You may find that the tasks to be done are divided among groups. In that case, try to coordinate the groups so that they know where and how their particular contribution fits into the larger project. Your biggest task as a manager in this case is to minimize problems and other obstacles that are sure to arise. Communicate with the teams that you are willing and able to clear their paths. Encourage them to inform you of any problems that arise in a timely manner so that you can do so.Finally, be sure to reward motivation just as you do accomplishments. Letting people know that you value their efforts will help to maintain the momentum that you’ve built.2. Directing Style.Some situations, such as those under a tight deadline or that involves numerous employees, call for a top-down management approach. In the directing style,
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