Ldr-324 Application Paper 1

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Application Paper 1 Select one of the eight leaders discussed in the Wills' text in Chapters 1 through 8 and discuss why a consideration of his or her leadership at a former point in time is important to an understanding of leadership today. Note: This activity will require that you read about the leader in additional sources. Be sure to properly document any additional sources you use. In selecting a leader within the first module, I chose the person who I knew of, yet I knew very little about in Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR). In our readings, and through further research it is clear that through his leadership, FDR's legacy strives in our world today. Many leaders throughout history have been known to face their share of…show more content…
With his distinguished list of accomplishments, the question we must ask ourselves is, how does FDR's contribution to leadership, influence our understanding of leadership today? Clearly, FDR is a historical visionary who possessed the charisma to connect with his followers. His strength of character was solidified as he was challenged with adversity in the form of polio, which he overcame and persevered. He was a leader of the people, and listened to his followers with a sense of patrician duty or responsibility toward others. FDR's leadership, as well as the other leaders discussed in our text, are individuals whom are a learning tool for the future. As demonstrated throughout history, leaders and society continually learn from our progress, development, and our continue to evolve effectively. History has taught us that it is wise to learn from our past. In this specific case, learning and teaching ourselves of the traits and leadership that FDR possessed is an important lesson in understanding how leadership evolved to where it stands today. FDR also teaches us about the effectiveness of visionary charismatic leadership, and the impressive obstacles that can be conquered using this specific set of character strengths. Work Referenced Wills, G. (1994). Certain

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