Ldr 531 Week 2 Individual Assignment

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Although leader and executive are not synonyms for much of my professional career, albeit a short six years, those who held the title of executive, often held the more informal, but just as coveted title of leader in my mind. A manager led his or her team to whatever the company dictates as success, of not they were promptly let go and for those that flourished they moved on and sometimes took their best employees with them. It would take some time for me to realize that those who were allowed to make important decisions because of their status were not always the people who would lead the charge when change was on the horizon, or push back when the decision at hand was not deemed in the best interest of the organization, its employees, or …show more content…

As far as characteristics go, my recent retaking of the MBTI test has designated me as an ENFP, an extroverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving person. If I had to define myself gregarious, imaginative, empathetic and whimsical would be just a few of the words I would use. I think having such a personality, as described on this exam, is much of the reason I care about social service and people-centered work in general. It was also one of the reasons I was drawn to this degree. Because I am still developing in my professional career, it is difficult for me to classify myself as any kind of leader or what kind of executive I would be, if given the opportunity. I think I am a creative executive. At my current organization, I am usually the person or a part of a small group that asks for the organization to try different practices, that at times are newer and I believe will make us better, so we do not get continually stagnant results for a variety of projects across departments. In the same grain, I am very much a beginner/journeyperson with a desire to reach the next level, yet another reason why I took this course and matriculated in this

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