Le Management Interculturel de Sylvie Chevrier

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Le management interculturel
Sylvie Chevrier

The book structure

This book has been released for the first time in 2003. Le management interculturel features 127 pages containing an introduction (from page 3 to 7), four main chapters (from page 9 to 120), a conclusion (pages 121 and 122), a bibliography (from page 123 to 126) and finally a table of contents at the end of the book (page 127). The book is written in French and can be found in the collection «Que sais-je?» at the Presses Universitaires de France editions (known also as Puf).


The goal of the author is to delineate the field of intercultural management and to clarify its content for the reader.


1. Construction

* Introduction

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The reader will also find thoughts, which tell that this kind of management is not an accurate science and researches are still in progress to improve the intercultural managerial strategies («However, knowledge gathered together so far are often rough and the experiences achieved still too rare to see the practices reach maturity.» p. 121).
This could either disappoint the reader who expected a straight answer at the end of the book or invite the reader to follow this topic closely in case of any progress in the existing theories or the creation of a brand new one.

* Bibliography

The reader throughout the book, as we will see later in the page layout chapter, has referred to numerous footnotes essentially sending the reader to the pages containing the bibliography.
This bibliography shows how well did Sylvie Chevrier document her thesis, as the number of books read or used for her researches is important. This allows also the reader to walk in the author’s footsteps if only he or she wants to dig this topic. Nearly seventy books are listed with all the information needed to find and buy the book, which offers a large range of choice to the most interested and curious readers about the intercultural management.

In order to sum up this first chapter, we have seen that Sylvie Chevrier has smartly structured her book from the start to the end to let

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