Le Quai Des Brumes Sequence Analysis

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Le Quai Des Brumes Sequence Analysis- The Power of Love People say that love is something extremely powerful and miraculous; it is a language that the blind can see and the deaf can hear. Director Marcel Carné attempted to show that love has the ability to change a person in many different ways in his movie Le quai des brumes (Marcel Carné , 1938). This attempt is most evidently presented in the sequence of Jean meets the ship doctor, who invites him to sail to Venezuela with him on the port; and the sequence following, in which Jean goes to the carnival with his lover, Nelly. There is an apparent attitude change of Jean when the scene shifts from the one in which He is talking to the ship doctor he meets on the port to the scene of…show more content…
“Wait in line? Who do you think I am?” replied Lucian. By cutting the line rudely and pay for the tickets for his friend and their girlfriends with a handful of money, Lucian obviously wants to impress his girlfriend by showing how manly and respectful he is. Furthermore, when they get on the bumper-cars, Lucian pushes away others to get on the car, runs his car wildly, and deliberately knocks off stranger’s hat from behind. Unfortunately, Lucian’s attempt of using a rude attitude to exhibit his masculinity turns out to be a complete failure as he knocks off Jean’s hat and gets slapped by him. At that moment, Lucian is slammed back to whom he really is, the coward that wouldn’t even fight back when he is being slapped. In the same carnival scene, Jean demonstrates how the male character in the movie can be affected by love in a completely different way. With Nelly, Jean is no longer the melancholy guy that will describe life as “a rotten business.” He is caring, gentle and energized. Unlike what Lucian did to show his masculinity, Jean shows his masculinity by being a protective gentleman. As they walking in the carnival, Jean walks at the same pace as Nelly, holding her arm or shoulder. Also, he talks in a slower speed and in a more gentle tone, comparing to the way he talks at the port. At the carnival scene, Jean also says sweet things that seem impossible to come out from the “normal,” cynical Jean; for
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